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    I am selling high validity first hand paypal accounts. They come with cookies , user agent and also email access to increase your possibility to cashout. I will send you samples to practice on how to login using the cookies. So that you get the hang of it. My acc are freshly phished and you will be the first person using it...besides the owner of course lol. Send me amessage on ICQ 727529453
    SQUAREUP accounts available with BANK ACC VERIFIED and ROUTING NUMBER
    Incase you want abank log or ebay or any other acc feel free to inquire. Lets make some money. cheers
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    Any one try this dude ?

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    please i need germany customer account , customer accounts, customer account

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    Hello thanks for the interest in my service. Unfortunately i dont have those accs you requested for. For those wondering if I am legit...hit me up on ICQ il send you afree sample only if you are a serious buyer, Cheers